H2O Publishing launches digital product to monitor high street

H2O Publishing launches digital product to monitor high street

H2O Publishing has launched BITES, a brand new digital product that will keep foodservice and hospitality operators up to speed with high street activity. BITES, which stands for Brands, Insights, Trends and Experiences, will summarise key high street findings every two weeks, allowing operators to shape their business according to the lessons learned that fortnight.

Through the concise delivery of vital data and statistics that revolve around consumer behaviour, readers will be able to quickly catch up on the preferences of their potential guests, stimulating ideas for creative strategy and operational evolution.

“At H2O, we produce a selection of magazines that cater for a number of sectors,” said Tristan O’Hana, editorial director of H2O Publishing. “As a result, we regularly pick up trends and insight into what’s happening on the high street. The markets that we cover are packed full of crucial data and statistics that operators in the foodservice and hospitality industries should know about.

“We know these insights could prove invaluable to a number of our readerships, and this is where BITES comes in. It is going to be the new mouthpiece for us to share these exclusive findings to a number of sectors in one digital delivery.”

BITES is a free service from H2O Publishing. If you’re interested in subscribing, you can do so at www.bitesonline.info.

You can also find out more about BITES by watching this video.

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