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As you may have noticed already, we recently hosted the third annual StrEAT Food Awards, with the main prize going to Andrew Taylor of Restaurant Associates. If you weren’t able to make it, though, we have eight pages (page 20) outlining all of the food and finalists that made it such a great day (and night).

We are, of course, very pleased with the event, but regardless I was delighted to receive an e-mail the next morning from a respected name in the contract catering community saying: “Great event – it always is every year, thank you for putting it on. We’ve been involved for the last three years and all the chefs have loved it; it’s a feature in our events calendar that we always look forward to.”

Despite being well aware of the extremely hard work that goes in from our events team to make it all looks so effortless, it is still extremely gratifying to receive such feedback. Never ones to rest on their laurels, though, I can reveal that the events team are already working on an idea for another contract catering cook-off competition.

Good news, then, for Tom Frost of Elior UK, winner of Best Vegan Street Food Dish, who says on page 26 that he “can’t wait to start thinking about an entry for next year’s competition”. He may not have to wait 12 months after all – just watch this space…

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