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While we often read that customers are all foodie-focused and health-obsessed these days, a work culture that is increasingly encouraging grabbing and going over genuine gastronomy doesn’t always tend to agree. And this has been backed up by a recent survey by Ubamarket, which uncovered some somewhat worrying results.

After speaking to 2,000 UK adults, the company found that the convenience-led habits of a significant proportion of respondees could be the perfect breeding ground for health problems such as type 2 diabetes and, as ever, obesity. The most worrying findings were that some 59% of Brits – that’s 24,954,000 people – are not 100% confident that they know all of the ingredients that are in the food that they order online; 10% consider home delivery services to be an integral way to eat a full meal in the week; and a further 10% don't know how to cook a good/healthy meal from scratch.

Some of these statistics are as worrying as they are baffling, and one solution might be for caterers to not only consider their customers’ nutritional needs while they are actually physically in the workplace. Investing in subsidised schemes that offer decent meals to take away at the end of the day would undoubtedly benefit many staff from an educational perspective, as well as from a health one. And, while they’re at it, it might just benefit the caterer from a profit and a CSR standpoint too…

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