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This is a slightly sad issue for B&I as, after 10 years and 120 articles, The Badger has finally gone into retirement. Every single one of the articles in that time, going back to our origins as FSM magazine, has been written by one person – who finally reveals their secret identity on page 50.

I would just like to thank [redacted] for all his/her hard work over the years. My undoubted highlight of the decade – other than the sneaky deadline-stretching, regular pleas that ‘I’ve run out of ideas’ and, of course, getting to know [redacted] as a friend – must be the FSM Awards a few years back. Mark Durden-Smith was firing through some schtick about how he was going to finally unmask our publicity-averse pen-smith. He looked out at several hundred people and, completely unknowingly and totally at random, picked out [redacted]’s face and asked, ‘You sir, are you The Badger?’ Anyone who knows [redacted] can guess just how crimson he went – though he just about managed to style/mumble his way out of it!

A fond farewell, in this guise anyway, to our good and valued friend, then, not just from myself but all at H2O Publishing. And in the spirit of revealing, I can tell you that from next month onwards this huge gap will be filled by a new column from UKHospitality. Now turn to the back pages for [redacted]’s last ever column and big reveal…

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