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Do you ever find yourself in situations where someone raises a query so ridiculous that it’s borderline impossible to respond to it sincerely without it seeming like you are being sarcastic? Well, spare a thought for the poor staff who had to field the ludicrous customer complaints that were recently collated by Virtual College.

Starting with ingredients ignorance, sending back hummus because it tastes too much like chickpeas may sound unforgivable, until you hear that tomato and onion soup were rejected for containing “too much tomato” and being “too oniony”, respectively. Cookery skills were also questioned, with freshly shelled oysters and steak tartare both having been deemed to have been underdone.

On a serious (well, slightly) note, some customers failed to understand their own allergies. A seafood linguine was returned due to the recipient being allergic to fish, while a lactose-intolerant guest was apparently surprised to find that they weren’t able to safely consume a cheeseburger.

With objections this outlandish, it could perhaps be forgiven if it’s not just those on the purchasing end of the equation who start to feel intolerant.

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