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Attracting the best homegrown talent to the industry has been a huge issue for as long as I (and I’m sure anyone else reading) can care to remember. And getting away-from-homegrown employees, from countries where working in hospitality is regarded as being more of a career, is apparently about to get a hell of a lot harder (just ask our friends at UKHospitality, who begin their new monthly column for us on page 58).

With good news on this topic seeming to be in something of a short supply, the results of recent HIT Training survey appear to have landed at a most opportune time. Its research found that some 76% of parents and 55% of teachers currently believe that jobs in hospitality offer ‘a long-term career route that will help young people develop lifelong skills’. Released to coincide with National Apprenticeship Week, both the parents and teachers also said that hospitality should be promoted more at school.

On the subject of how exactly to do this, Jill Whittaker, managing director of HIT Training, advises: “Ensure you’re making effective work experience opportunities available, forge stronger relationships with schools to offer first-hand hospitality experiences, and provide more sector-specific information to schools and parents. The aim is to shine a spotlight on the industry and showcase the different roles and progression opportunities available.”

There simply could not be a better time to begin doing this; you can turn to page 24 to find out more about the government’s new post-Brexit legal requirements.

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