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Channel 4 has a proud cookery heritage, having served up the likes of Jamie’s Kitchen, Gordon Ramsay’s F Word and, er, Come Dine With Me for our delectation. And it produced an unlikely culinary crusader recently in the form of fairly-funny comedian Joe Lycett.

His current show, Got Your Back, is like a mongrel spin-off of the BBC’s Watchdog, as he splices comedy with consumer issues. As well as teaming up with Prue Leith, he also spent a recent episode exposing the less than uber-exacting hygiene standards of Uber Eats. Shedding light on dark kitchens, he set up a fake restaurant called ‘Le Sauter’ (‘The Skip’ in French) from… a waste container. Even after a food hygiene expert had (unsurprisingly) refused to give it a rating, he ordered a meal via the app and then filmed an Uber Eats driver picking up the food – from the skip – and then delivering it to Lycett.

In the interests of balance, I should add that an Uber spokesperson somehow managed to offer up the following response, presumably with a straight face: “We take food safety very seriously. All restaurants who partner with Uber Eats must comply with UK food safety laws and regulations, which includes being registered with their local authority.”

While this technology has undoubtedly done much to progress the market and broaden choice for the customer, it appears that its rapid rise and a hunger for profits has outpaced regulation in some instances. The next time you feel like indulging yourself, it might an idea to stick to a tried and tested outlet – or skip the apps altogether.

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