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It feels a tad remiss - as I type this with exactly four weeks until D-Day and with Boris Johnson's new (or should that be 'new'?) proposals having literally just been announced - that there is very little mention of the B word in this issue. The reasons for this are simple: the situation moves so quickly (while, paradoxically, very little of substance seems to actually change); and we have been here before.

Just over six months ago, I thought we were on the verge of leaving and wrote a feature rounding up the positions being adopted by various industry bodies - only for the can to then get kicked even further down the road (... twice). So I thought it might be expedient to clarify here that Jane Renton and I have agreed to only return to the subject in any depth once we have actually taken a decisive step towards leaving/remaining/BRINOing/spontaneously combusting (delete as applicable).

In the meantime, anyone requiring industry advice on our apparently imminent exit could possibly do worse than read the aforementioned article. It seems unlikely that any of the sources consulted will have had much cause to change their positions since our March issue anyway.

On a more positive note, we undertook the FSM Awards judging recently. I would just like to say congratulations to all of our talented finalists and we look forward to greeting you next month. Who knows, the above issue may even have become somewhat clearer by then.

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