As we go to print, it’s pleasing to reflect on some recent good breaking news. With the vaccination rollout having given the nation a much-needed shot in the arm, the prime minister has, as I type this, just outlined his roadmap to recovery.

You can read more about his plan to reopen the country in news, where it is also encouraging to see how some caterers have been adapting their offerings to suit the changing terrain. Bartlett Mitchell and Talkington Bates are leading from the front, launching new, flexible models aimed squarely at the needs of the new normal.

The nation may be collectively craving a return to normality and hospitality, but the industry still requires from assistance. With the budget imminent, many businesses will require further help to if they are to be in a position to operate once again when the big reopening arrives in June. Turn to page 58 to read what UKHospitality’s Kate Nicholls believes is required, including an extension to VAT relief and the business rates holiday.