Kudos launches second clean water project

Kudos launches second clean water project

Kudos has partnered with Life Water and charity Drop4Drop to support construction of a second well project in India’s West Bengal community. The scheme has been funded through sales of Life Water across Kudos sites all around the country, to provide for 300 people in the village of Paschim Chengmari Biswas Para, West Bengal.

Life Water is an ethical natural spring water brand that works in partnership with charity Drop4Drop to provide clean water projects to the neediest communities around the world. Every bottle of Life Water sold funds the delivery of at least 1,000L of clean drinking water to a community in need.

In India there are approximately 100m people without access to clean water, while 186,000 children die every year as a result of unsafe water and poor sanitation. Through the launch of the clean water project, Kudos aims to help bring a new sense of opportunity to the village communities, allowing them to utilise clean water to improve their health, strengthen economic productivity and increase child school attendance.

Matthew Herter, chief executive of Kudos, said: “We are delighted to have supported another clean water project through the construction of a well in India. As part of our continuous drive to support ethical projects around the world, this is a scheme that can truly bring tangible benefits to people’s lives. Clean water is taken for granted by most, but access to clean water for this village will be transformational.”

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