FSM Awards update

FSM Awards update

It was incredibly flattering for my Vacherin peers to even suggest that I would be a worthy entrant for the FSM Area Manager of the Year. I was so humbled by the whole process and to win was just amazing. We recognised early on that the competition would be tough and that my achievements would have to demonstrate that I’d gone above and beyond in terms of all that I’d done over the past year. It was quite an eye-opener when I started to recall not only my successes but also those of my team.

My entry did the trick and I was delighted to be shortlisted – and, of course, absolutely thrilled to win! We were right, all of the shortlisted area managers were equally worthy contenders and I consider myself very lucky to have been chosen by the judges and to have been among such impressive company in my category.

The impact the award has had for me has been truly amazing. I was inundated with congratulatory messages from everyone at Vacherin, plus our clients, suppliers and industry colleagues. It’s amazing how genuinely pleased for you people are in such a situation. This was an individual award, but it’s had a positive impact for Vacherin too, who have always supported the initiatives that I detailed in my entry. To win this award demonstrates that you have the backing of a company who invest in you, develop you to your full potential and celebrate success.

As a final plus, on the awards night Mark Durden-Smith focused on my cycling fundraising for Luminary Bakery, our corporate charity. Despite a few comments about my cycling attire, I hope my award win has helped to raise awareness of this fantastic charity!

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