FSM Awards update

FSM Awards update

“Winning FSM’s Innovation Award was a fantastic achievement for our team. We were so proud to be recognised for Feeding Excellence Every Day (FEED) and it was a personal honour to collect the award.

FEED is a service excellence programme that looks at children’s emotions in dining halls and considers how we, as caterers, can collaborate with school communities to architect the pupil customer journey. It is a simple yet powerful approach that focuses on getting the service right from the moment a child enters the dining hall to when they leave.

“Since launching FEED, we have been working with schools to make changes – some big, some small – to create consistently enjoyable lunchtimes. The programme is all about understanding what’s needed for each school on an individual basis and then partnering with head teachers and their leadership teams to introduce changes. These can be things like adjusting the layout of the dining room to alleviate queue pressures or introducing snacking stations to promote healthy eating.

“While FEED is a cultural change, which can take time to embed, we are already seeing many positive outcomes from the programme, including stronger business relationships, happier, healthier pupils and motivated employees. I have had some wonderful client meetings and e-mails from parents telling me how much they like the new dining experience at their school, which has been fantastic.

“We have also seen increases in meal uptake. This means that, through making dining halls more welcoming and engaging, we’re successfully encouraging children who may have been having unhealthy packed lunches to enjoy balanced, nutritious school food instead.”

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