Desert island dishes

Desert island dishes

With Dan Kirkpatrick
, executive development chef for Atalian Servest Food Co and winner of Street Food Chef of the Year at our recent StrEAT Food Awards.

Cheese on toast with loads of Worcestershire sauce
This one is a comfort food classic which, when done well, is a real thing of beauty. A slice of gorgeous seeded toast, tangy Lancashire cheese and a punch of Worcestershire sauce. Heaven!

Slow-braised lamb of any incarnation
I adore slow-cooked meats that melt as you eat them – whether that be more traditionally cooked with mash potato, or in a curry or with fluffy pillow like flat bread.

Fish and chips
I can’t name many better things in life than good fish and chips. Thick cut cod wrapped in a crispy beer batter, maris piper potatoes cooked in beef dripping and mushy peas. And I wish people would stop putting mint in with their peas when with fish – it’s just wrong!

Sticky Korean fried chicken
Everybody loves fried chicken – it’s a real comfort food of choice across the globe – but when you dip the chicken in a sticky Korean Gochujang BBQ sauce laced with toasted sesame and lime, it takes on a whole new level.

Lamb massaman and sticky rice
Slow-cooked, melt in the mouth lamb and flavour sucking potatoes in a gorgeous cinnamon, coconut and cardamom sauce, topped with crispy shallots and toasted peanuts. Just wow!

Old school steamed steak suet pudding
An absolute British classic, which done well is an absolute beauty. I’d love to say we had this kind of home cooking growing up, but it would be a lie, my mum’s a terrible cook, so I would have more than likely been eating something from the freezer.

Bacon and egg butty with a cup of tea
Freshly-baked bread, loads of salted butter, crispy smoked streaky bacon and a runny fried egg, smothered in HP Sauce. All of this is served, of course, with a boiling hot cup of tea, milk no sugar…

The king of puddings! Summer berries, sponge, raspberry jelly, rich and runny vanilla custard, lightly whipped cream and a crumbled flake. Controversial, but no sherry and definitely no tinned fruit.

What luxury item would you take with you?
Gin and tonic – I mean, you might as well enjoy being stranded!

What one book would you take with you?
Formulas for Flavour by John Campbell is a cookery book that completely blew my mind. I was fresh out of college when I read it. With a less than useful repertoire of duchess potatoes and fan of seasonal melon, it showed me a whole new world of flavour, presentation and precision.

Finally, if you were allowed one dish which would it be?
The steamed steak suet pudding, served with up buttery mash, sticky roasted carrots and proper gravy.

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