BITES Live: The Big Reveal – Top 100 most loved eating out brands

BITES Live: The Big Reveal – Top 100 most loved eating out brands

In recognition and celebration of the most emotively connected brands within our industry in 2019, attendees at this year’s BITES Live conference will be the first to find out which eating out propositions consumers are truly in love with. In the exclusive national launch, insight consultancy Savanta will reveal the most loved eating out brands on the high street at BITES Live. Performance rankings will straddle brands from restaurants, pubs, bars and coffee shops, as well as the quick service/fast casual industry.

The consumer insight will be drawn from the opinions of some 100,000 diners through BrandVue Eating Out, Savanta’s market intelligent platform. This is the largest and most comprehensive brand, audience and customer tracking engine in the market.

Not only will conference guests be shown the yet-to-be-revealed league table of 100 brands from across the hospitality and foodservice industries, Savanta will also unpack what it means for a customer to be ‘in love’ with a brand. This will help operators understand, in far more granular detail, the drivers of true brand affinity, as well as the leavers to pull in creating and deepening the love.

“We are absolutely delighted Savanta has chosen BITES Live as the platform to launch the Top 100 Most Loved Eating Out Brands,” said Tristan O’Hana, editorial director of H2O Publishing. “It’s such a valuable piece of insight, as it will help explain just why customers love the brands they do and, of course, who is the most popular on the high street. Once operators know that, they can take those lessons back to their respective businesses. What’s more, attendees will be given their own copy of the findings at the end of the conference.”

The Savanta presentation, entitled Love in a Cold Climate – The Top 100 Most Loved Eating Out Brands, will be the keynote session at BITES Live 2019. Hospitality and foodservice operators can register for tickets at

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