UKHospitality releases 2019 report

UKHospitality releases 2019 report

Sustainability and support for skills and training are key issues for UK catering businesses, according to a new report. UKHospitality, in partnership with Bidfood, recently launched the latest edition of its Food Service Management Market Report, outlining key challenges and opportunities for the catering sector. The latest edition shows that, in 2018, the UK’s FSM sector saw a turnover of £10.9bn and employment growing to 293,000.

Dr Andrew Kemp MBE FIH, group sales and marketing director for Bidfood, said: “We are encouraged this year to see contract catering, and the hospitality sector in general, rise above the political uncertainty that has been haunting us, and to read of a buoyant and confident industry with the right mindset and ambition to continue playing its crucial role as an engine of growth for the UK economy.

“The report also highlights a sector that is clearly focused on getting to grips with pressing issues like climate change, allergen management, attracting talent and driving diversity. It is for us to work closely together and engage with government to achieve this, and support UKHospitality in its work as a voice for our industry.”

UKHospitality chief executive Kate Nicholls added: “This report shows that catering makes an incredibly valuable contribution and acts as a pillar that supports a great many aspects of hospitality and a variety of other sectors, both public and private. It shows that, with a supportive trading environment, turnover in the catering sector could reach £12.1bn by 2022. It could also be employing 311,000 people by 2020, so its importance as a provider of jobs and investment around the UK should be a key concern for government.”

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