Welcome to the latest EDU Bulletin

A round-up of the latest news from the sector so far this week

There have been many developments throughout the school food sector this week, and naturally there have been some challenges too.

These are, undeniably, difficult times, and as Jane Renton’s report below highlights, the industry is facing some difficult situations, especially in relation to the free school meal voucher scheme.

But throughout all the chaos and uncertainty, there have been some inspirational and positive stories too. Every day, our social accounts have been alive with stories from school caterers across the country and it’s wonderful to hear about all the good news that is happening throughout our sector and how school caterers are working around the clock to provide nutritional meals to those in need.

If your school kitchen is still open for serving food, then hopefully some of the features in the latest EDUcatering magazine can help you. The April issue is now available to read online at educatering.co.uk

Today’s updates include a piece from Jane Renton as she reports on the latest concerns surrounding the introduction of FSM vouchers and the over-dependence on supermarkets. Click here to read more.

There is also an update on the latest Procurement Policy Note outlining supplier relief due to COVID-19
Finally, we feature an article regarding allergens – a topical point to discuss, especially with food supplies potentially changing due to the current situation