Desert island dishes

With Mandy Davies
Head of nutrition and dietetics, Elior

Carbless burger
Sometimes I just want meat and a simple homemade burger satisfies that umami craving. I love it topped with a mature cheddar and a dollop of coleslaw, served with a crisp salad and pickled gherkins.

Sweet chilli salmon stir-fry
This is great if you need something quick. I like to pan fry the salmon so the skin’s crispy. I throw in any combination of stir fry vegetables so they’re just cooked. Tip the contents into a deep bowl and top with dried fruit and mixed nuts. Don’t knock it until you’ve tried it!

Cornflake chicken
I’m coeliac so I use gluten-free cornflakes for this dish. It’s great, you basically get to bash some chicken, dredge it in a mustard, garlic and egg mixture and coat it in crushed cornflakes. Them pan fry it in a little oil and serve with rocket and baby plum tomatoes. The boys like to carb it up with sweet potato wedges.

Homemade pizza
Gluten-free of course! I make my own dough in a bread maker, then roll and top. It might be four cheese, chilli, chicken and avocado or chargrilled vegetables. I prefer the base thin and crispy. I know everyone thinks their pizza is the best, but honestly this really is the best. Either my friends are uber polite or it’s true!

Curry rogan josh
A Jamie O recipe. Make a batch. It’s great day one, but incredible the day after and the day after that. Onions, butternut squash, chilli, garlic, coriander, chickpeas, spinach – it’s cheap as chips and really good for you. Packed with flavour.

Coffee and toast
Sometimes the simple things in life are the most satisfying. I love well toasted toast, cooled a little with slightly salted butter and thick cut marmalade, served with an extra hot latte. Some coffee lovers will claim that I burn the coffee, but I like my milk hot.

Pecan pie
I’m not a huge dessert fan, I much prefer savoury foods, but I have to say my friend makes an awesome gluten-free pecan pie. It takes her ages, so it’s definitely a special occasion kind of dish. Serve warm with Madagascan vanilla ice cream – delish.

My go-to eating out dish. A medium rare fillet, blue cheese sauce on the side and tenderstem broccoli smothered in salted butter. I enjoy a glass of fizz rather than the red wine I’m afraid. From time to time I might need to soak it up with some skin-on, extra chunky chips!

What one book would you take with you?
This was a tricky one for me, as I’m not a huge reader and I don’t think trashy holiday novels count. I gravitate to Nigella and Jamie for cookbooks, or mind management books like the Chimp Paradox for a more thought-provoking read. I tend to dip in and out of books. I quite like a bit of Joe Wicks, Lean in 15 or Matt Roberts, Fitness for Life – I like to understand the impact food can have on our bodies.

What luxury item would you take with you?
Probably a Swiss army knife. Then I can pluck my eyebrows while filleting my fish!

Finally, if you were only allowed one dish which would it be?
I’m going to have to go for the sweet chilli salmon stir-fry. I never tire of it. You can zhuzh it up with different vegetables. It’s easy, it’s quick, it’s really good for you and it leaves you with a lovely sense of satiety.